Preferred Air Charter is committed to two main objectives: providing unique and specialized services and ensuring the absolute safety of our clients. We believe that the union of these two goals provides the most fulfilling and secure environment attainable to the people who fly our charters worldwide.

Understanding our discerning clientele's specific needs is tantamount to a successful charter experience. Preferred Air Charter is wholly committed to providing premium and tailored service, safety and comfort. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate virtually every request of our international clientele's diverse wishes and requirements.

The only service Preferred Air Charter offers that surpasses all others is our commitment to safety - we will not compromise our client's safety for any reason whatsoever. Preferred Air Charter contracts aircraft with only the highest safety records and we work with the most reliable operators possessing strictly maintained facilities. Our charter database tracks up-to-date information of our carriers' proper certification and maintenance records.

Regardless from where the private charter journey originates, Preferred Air Charter will also respect our clients' privacy with the utmost discretion. From the initial booking through the final destination, our clients' can feel confident that their travel plans will remain their business and we will serve as their agent throughout their journey. Preferred Air Charter will use all of its resources to ensure that our clients' distinctly individual trip meets and surpasses every need.

Preferred Air Charter LLC (PAC) acts as an agent for our clients in negotiation and facilitating transportation with licensed air carriers. We have no affiliation with any carrier. Transportation to be furnished by any PAC represented carrier will be arranged through the interaction of PAC on behalf of its client and PAC respectively on behalf of the carrier. Preferred Air Charter does not own, lease or operate aircraft. Additional information is available upon request.